Monday, August 28, 2006

Karen Trenouth and the four legged chicken


Sudbury starlet Karen Trenouth, who solved the Ripper murders last month, is celebrating a new find; a four legged chicken.

" I told my neighbours but they refuse to believe it," she claims. " They just shake their heads and walk away".
Karen, encouraged by recent book sales, is pleased with her new find. "I was nipping out of the house yesterday morning, when it sauntered up the yard, looking left and right, waddling in this unusual manner. That's a four legged chicken! I said to myself immediatley. I hurried it indoors."
Trenouth's husband, Dan, wasn't available for comment. 'I've got work to do.' he explained.
"I set it down on the table and said look, Dan- (that's my husband)- but he didn't look up from his newspaper. I knew it was one of a kind."" That Romanian chicken was 'a false strutter'" Karen insists. "This is this one."
Trenouth is thinking of setting up a mobile kebab van, but fears local Freemasons will interfere. They have boycotted her writers evenings ever since her book appeared and she has received a trowel in the post, though this might be from Ripperologists intent on burying her chick. They are professional saboteurs, says Karen: worse than animal rights activists.


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